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Customer Reviews

"When I first came in, I was having severe pains in my lower and middle back. I also had major headaches every other day. Dr. Emory worked her magic and now I have little to no lower back pain, and I hardly ever have anymore headaches. It's hard to believe how I used to live with so much pain when now I am almost pain-free. I have recommended family members and will keep referring family and friends to Dr. Emory. I have been to other chiropractors in the past and it seemed as if their patients' problems and concerns were not truly taken seriously, but here at Wellness Chiropractic, not only are your problems taken care of, but you are treated just like family." - Ashley

Wellness Chiropractic Tammy Emory

"Hello, I hope you are having a good day. About 4 years ago, I had right shoulder pain. Some people said I would have to have rotator surgery on my shoulder. I cam here and Wellness worked on my neck, back, and shoulder. Just after about 3 months, about once a week, my neck and shoulder were feeling no pain. I come once a month. Welness has blessed me with good health and feeling good. God bless you all." - Wayne

"Since I've been coming here (March 2014), my migraines have been almost obsolete! My debilitating hip pain has improved by at least 80-90% with few flare ups. I feel less stressed, have more energy, and have quit taking several medicines. I love this place! Thank you Dr. Emory and Jerri!" - Christi

"No more headaches! I had a constant headache for about 4 years. I went to the eye doctor to change my glasses.  Then I went to the gynecologist thinking it maybe was pre and post menopause. Then I went to a neurologist who prescribed powerful drugs that did not work, and had side effects. Finally, I came to Dr. Emory, who found the real cause in my neck! The adjustments worked! No more headaches! I tell everyone my story every chance I get." - Lisa

" When I first came to see Dr. Emory I was suffering with back and neck pain, elevated blood pressure and tingling in my face. I had been suffering with this condition for about 3 years. I had seen a cardiologist, neurologist, orthopedic specialist, had 2 MRI's done, visited the emergency room and was on several medications. Needless to say I was at my wits end. Upon coming into Wellness Chiropractic Health Center I found the staff to be professional and caring. Since coming in to see Dr. Emory I sleep through the night, I can exercise and I can sit at my desk without a heating pad or ice pack. I am back to living an active lifestyle. I like the fact that Dr. Emory really knows what she is doing. She is so thorough in her exams and explains everything in detail and Ms. Brenda keeps us on track as to when we need to be in the office. Great office!" - Allison

" When I first saw Dr. Emory my complaint was headaches. I suffered with these for 3 years off and on. I saw a chiropractor before but never had a treatment plan like I was given here. I didn't particularly care about the distance I had to drive to get to the office but it was totally worth it. Since being under Dr. Emory's care I don't wake up in the morning with headaches everyday. I have found that I focus better when I don't wake up with a pounding headache. Dr. Emory really cares and takes time to explain everything. The staff is extremely friendly they and takes the time to get to know you as a person." - K Hall

"I did not have any problems that I was aware of when I started coming to Dr. Emory. My reason for coming to see Dr. Emory was to improve my overall health. Prior to coming to Wellness Chiropractic, I had been working on my diet and exercise for a year and four months to improve my state of health. My efforts had come to a stand still and I was looking for a way to continue to improve my health and fitness. According to my personal doctor my health is in excellent condition. Exercise, diet and Chiropractic adjustments have put me in tip top shape. I think that these things are a major key to improving your personal health. I began to see measurable improvements after just three months of care. Because my legs are stronger my run became smoother which began to lower my run time. Following this my weight training improved. I began to lift more weight with my upper and lower body. Then I began to have more flexibility while doing folds and to top it all off I lost twenty pounds that I had been struggling to lose. I can run a mile a minute and a half faster, complete a fold with my head and torso on my legs, squat and lunge with forty more pounds and bench press with twenty more pounds. All of my weight training is high repetition and I run on an incline while on the treadmill. I have had dozens of people to tell me how great I look over the last couple of months. Chiropractic intervention pushed me through the barrier that I needed to reach and I believe it will continue to improve my overall health.


The staff is both professional and friendly. I discovered that chiropractic intervention works and that Dr. Emory has an amazing ability. Her chiropractic skills are sharp. She is ably to identify problems quickly and she gets great results. I have to say that Dr. Emory is very qualified and she gets the results you need. Combined with diet and exercise you will get tremendous results. To sum it all up I am very pleased with results I have gotten."

- Cruickshank

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